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The organizers of the South Side Pie Challenge do not assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed or items one may come in contact with at the event. People with food allergies are encouraged to use their own judgement when purchasing a slice of pie.

Disclaimer and Rules

General event rules

  1. Anyone who wants to bake a sweet pie is invited to enter. The pie must fit into ONE of the four Categories: fruit, nut, sweet potato/pumpkin, or creme.
  2. Contestants are limited to one entry per category but may enter in as many categories as they like. Each entry requires $25 registration fee.
  3. Each pie entry must include a name of the baker or team (a team may be mother and son, a couple, best friends, etc.).
  4. Online registration must be fully completed at the time of entry, including the submission of $25 registration fee.
  5. Each entered pie must have a unique name – like “Fall Harvest Pumpkin” or “Princess Pie” or “Sparky.”  Pie names alone will be used for judging, names of the bakers will be revealed after finalists are chosen.
  6. Each contest entry includes TWO IDENTICAL PIES delivered to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, 5480 S. Kenwood Avenue between 9:30 am and 10:30 am on Saturday, November 4.
  7. Each pie should be in a 9-inch pan. It should have at least a bottom crust (top crust is optional). It should be delivered in a disposable pie pan – we cannot store and return pie pans. However, if you are willing to take the chance to lose your pie pan, we will not refuse such pans. Make sure you label them well and ask for them after the event is over.
  8. Entry pies cannot require any special handling – refrigeration or heating will not be available or allowed on-site.  Please plan accordingly.
  9. The finished pie cannot contain raw/uncooked eggs (egg whites or egg yolks). If eggs are used in filling preparation, they must reach 160 degrees to be considered cooked.
  10. Top 3 winners in each category will receive ribbons and prizes and be featured on our website as well as in various promotional materials in the future.
  11. All winners automatically give permission to have their photo taken and used on the South Side Pie Challenge Facebook page or website.
  12. We will be collecting pie recipes from all the bakers for a South Side Pie Challenge Cookbook, which will be published online (more details to come). You are NOT required to submit your recipe, but we think it would be awesome if you did.
  13. After the winners are chosen, all pies will be available for purchase at the event. All pies will be sold at $3 a slice.

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