• Gale Gand, Founding Pastry Chef and Partner, Tru; Cookbook author and Food Network Personality
  • Benjamin Rogers, General Manager at The Promontory
  • Alex Willis, Pastry Chef at The Promontory
  • Kirsten Esterly, General Manager at The Medici Restaurants
  • Cliff Rome, Rome's Joy Catering and Parkway Ballroom
  • Belinda Brooks, Pastry Chef and Instructor at the Kendall College Culinary School
  • Jan Holt, of The Standard Club catering and banquets
  • Yoshi Yamada, award winning chef, previously from Lula Cafe and the Blackbird
  • Maya-Camille Broussard, founder of Justice of the Pies

Our fabulous 2016 judges panel included:

Each pie will be thoroughly evaluated by professional judges and compared against competitor pies in its entry category based on the following criteria:

  • Overall appearance and visual appeal
  • Crust texture and flavor
  • Filling texture and flavor
  • Overall taste​

Every year we ask accomplished restaurant and baking professionals, renowned chefs, or proprietors of successful culinary businesses to lend their expertise to judge pies at the South Side Pie Challenge. We are honored to have these industry professionals donate their time to make our humble event possible.

Judges who participated in the South Side Pie Challenge in the past included Pleasant House Bakery's Art Jackson, Fabiana's Bakery's Fabiana Carter, the Parrot Cage’s Michelle Russell, Peerless Bread and Jam's Lauren Bushnell, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants' John Aldape, Hoosier Mama's Paula Haney, and the Hungry Hound, Steve Dolinsky.

South Side Pie Challenge | Hyde Park, Chicago | southsidepie@gmail.com

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