Hyde Park's​


2015 Winners

South Side Pie Challenge | Hyde Park, Chicago | southsidepie@gmail.com

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​​​Fruit pie category:

  1. Lisa Samra with "Freddy", a cherry pie
  2. Maya-Camille Broussard with "Black and Blue"
  3. Kate Baldwin with "Cranberry Apple Pie with Almond Brittle"

Nut pie category:

  1. Kaylan Agarwal with "Nut Job", a Nutella hazelnut pie
  2. Evan Eschliman with "Yes Pe Can"
  3. Katie Maher-Lipinski with "Not As Cute As Pushkin II"

Pumpkin / sweet potato pie category:

  1. Maya-Camille Broussard with "Pumpkin Praline Pie"
  2. Rebecca Luttrell with "Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl"
  3. Joan and Skylar Law with "Eleanor's Birthday Pumpkin Pie"

Creme pie category:

  1. Dan Arnold with "Southside Key Lime Pie"
  2. Peggy Sanders with "B's Dream Lemon Creme"
  3. Katie Maher-Lipinski with "Hyde Park Sugar Cream"

the only thing sweeter than victory... is victory a la mode               

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