Hyde Park'sā€‹ā€‹


2014 Winners

Fruit pie category:

  1. Molly Herron with "Bluepepper Pie"
  2. Lynette Bertsch with "Smitten to the Core"
  3. Mary Gehrke with "New England Apple"

Nut pie category:

  1. Deborah Weaver with "Holiday Pecan Pie"
  2. Katie Maher-Lipinski with "Not as Cute as Pushkin"
  3. Jim Bloom with "Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan"

Sweet potato / pumpkin pie category:

  1. Sheila Clay with "Sweet Potato Surprise"
  2. Lisa Samra with "Piezometric"
  3. Felicia Slayton-Young with "Felicia's Candied Sweet Potato Pie"

Creme pie category:

  1. Kori Lusignan with "Forget the Election Cashew Chocolate Cream Pie"
  2. Brigid Maniates with "Salted Caramel Cloud"
  3. Rebecca Luttrell with "Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pie"ā€‹

the only thing sweeter than victory... is victory a la mode               

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