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Hyde Park's​


2013 Winners

​​Fruit pie category:

  1. Paul Mollica with "Cherry Almond Pie"
  2. Katie Maher-Lipinski with "Scrumtrulescent Blueberry"
  3. Peggy Sanders with "Autumn Rhubarb"

Nut pie category:

  1. Bette Sikes with "Southern Pecan Pie"
  2. Ysobel Gallo with "Ugle"
  3. Rebecca Luttrell with "Pecan Fudge Pie"

Sweet potato / pumpkin pie category:

  1. Deborah Molaskey with "Peter Peter"
  2. Lyletta Robinson with "No Measure Sweet Potato Pie"
  3. Shannan Younger with "Perfectly Pleasing Pumpkin Pie"

Creme pie category:

  1. Kate Baldwin with "Lemon Chess Pie"
  2. Angeliki Vassilatos with "A Turtle Named Chocolate"
  3. Deborah Weaver with "S’Cream Pie"

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