South Side Pie Challenge | Hyde Park, Chicago |

Hyde Park's​


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2012 Winners

​​Fruit pie category:

  1. Molly Herron with “Affy Tapple Pie”
  2. Clair Smith with “Apple Surprise”
  3. Page Reilly with “Pretty Pie”
  • honorable mention – Sooj Youn & Dominique Perras with “Bourbon Cherry Pie”

Nut pie category:

  1. Paige Reilly with “Eat This Pie”
  2. Jake Agarwal with “Nigel Von Nut”
  3. Brian Barker, Skylar Garland, & Victoria Van Kirk Pride with “DePaul’s DeLightful, DeLicious, and DeLovely”

Pumpkin / south potato pie category:

  1. Sofiya Kilbadze with “Autumn Falling Leaves”
  2. Shawn & Kestrel Greene with “Cucurbita Curry in a Hurry”
  3. Sheila Clay with “I Love You Day Sweet Potato Pie”
  • honorable mention – Susan Carton with “Made-with-a-pumpkin Pumpkin Pie”

Creme pie category:

  1. Sharon Brinkman with “Harriet”
  2. Andrew Howard with “Yum!”
  3. Deborah and Nora Molasky with “Marvelous Mississippi Mud Pie”
  • honorable mention – Katie Maher-Lipinski with “Scrumtrulescent Dulce de Leche Banana Cream Pie”